There are several ways to create NFTs. The NFT-Inator is a powerful software that lets you set the frequency of individual layers, specify the number of images that will be generated, and more. It even lets you save your own custom designs, so you can have a collection of highly-rare NFTs. To generate your own custom designs, just download the NFT-Inator, save it, and then choose which images to include in the generation.


The NFT collection is a popular way for people to invest in cryptocurrencies. The NiftyKit system allows its users to mint their own Redeemable NFTs. These coins earn revenue every time they are redeemed. The NiftyKit system allows people to mint their own Redeemable NFTs, while paying a 5% fee for the privilege. NiftyKit is unique in its concept, as it requires no technical knowledge of blockchain, cryptography, or non-fungible tokens. NiftyKit takes care of the back-end associated with all of it.

The NiftyKit platform makes it easy to deploy smart contracts. You can upload your NFT collection and individual descriptions. You can also edit metadata and preview the artwork generated. The NiftyKit service is a subscription-based system that is priced at $9.99 a month. You can also use the free version of the service to import up to 100 assets. However, you must keep in mind that the free version has a watermark.


The CryptoPunks NFT Collection has been one of the most successful and influential cryptocurrency projects in the world. The project was launched in early 2017 with a modest launch price of $0.11, or roughly $.05 per NFT. Users claimed over 10,000 of these NFTs for free. However, prices of these pixelated portraits skyrocketed by late 2020. The most expensive portraits sold for millions of dollars. The most affordable NFT portraits sold for less than $20,000. In early 2021, the founders of Larva Labs launched another project that was equally successful, the Meebits, a set of 20,000 3D voxel avatars.

In 2017, CryptoPunks launched an experimental proto-NFT collection, inspired by the cyberpunk subcultures. They were also heavily influenced by the London punk movement. The anti-establishment spirit that pervades the two subcultures was the inspiration for the CryptoPunks project. This is one of the first non-fungible tokens released on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is a proof of concept for the technology. CryptoPunks also highlights the huge demand for crypto art.

Dominion X

Dominion X is the third major project for 2021 in the NFT world, based on character X from the Dream Catcher drop by Aoki. The short, “Dominion X,” was crafted by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, which hand-crafted the physical characters and sets, and animated the short frame by frame. The short also features original music by Aoki. In keeping with the NFT‘s theme of “decentralization,” the dominion X network has integrated blockchain technology into the system.

The Dominion X NFT collection also includes over 10,000 unique digital paintings by different artists. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds of the sale of these works will be donated to various charities. In August 2021, American superstar Michael Jordan collaborated with Dominion to release a special collection called “Dream Catcher.” This collection featured generative portraits of Depp and his friends and heroes. The project has also drawn criticism for the design of the products.

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics has unveiled the first-ever ‘NFT‘ (Non-Fixable Token) Collection. Created by Viva Glam in collaboration with Keith Haring, the collection features an animated version of each lipstick. The lipsticks, which will be available in three rarity levels, will be made with the help of blockchain technology company ConsenSys. This collaboration will raise awareness for various nonprofits that fight AIDS, including the National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on April 10.

The collaboration with the late artist Keith Haring is not limited to the cosmetics line. The MAC Viva Glam lipstick features a Keith Haring print and is available in three rarity levels: 5,000 on demand, 250 on demand, and 25 on a limited-edition basis. You can purchase the NFTs online or at select MAC counters across the US. MAC accepts credit card transactions for NFTs.

Keith Haring Foundation

The Keith Haring Foundation Collection is the ultimate collection of works by the influential American artist. The collection includes a wide variety of works created during his prolific career in New York. Keith was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, the first of four children. His art is dynamic and reflects his upbringing. Located in Liverpool, his work can be seen from June 14 to October 10.

The artist spent much of his career creating public works that conveyed important social messages. His pieces in the early 1980s span the subway in New York City. The collection features a variety of works that addressed issues like gay rights, AIDS awareness, and political dictatorship. The Keith Haring Foundation Collection is a must-see for fans of modern art. The collection also includes works created in collaboration with other artists, including Andy Warhol, Madonna, and Yoko Ono.

Okay Bears

Unlike other crypto currencies, the Okay Bears collection has no intrinsic value, but their community-centered approach makes them an attractive asset to crypto investors. These algorithmically-generated bears are the top-selling non-fungible tokens in Solana, California. The bears have been the most popular mascots in traditional media, but that did not deter the Okay Bears team from utilizing them to achieve record-breaking success.

While Ethereum is the dominant blockchain for NFTs, Solana is rapidly gaining ground as a potential competitor. Solana’s Okay Bears NFT collection launched yesterday with sales of over $18 million, and their secondary market sales soared the price to over 60 SOL in just 24 hours. That’s a staggering amount of trading volume for a single token. Okay Bears are already outpacing other NFT collections and are now being sold on a number of marketplaces.