The Etherium Scam has a few warning signs. The scammers will send you emails threatening to reveal your personal information if you don’t send them the cryptocurrency. The scammers’ emails will tell you to pay the cryptocurrencies or the extortionist will get your money back. Do not do this. The scammers are just using a shady method to take your money. If you’re worried that the scam is a scam, you’re not alone.

The scammers have also hijacked accounts on YouTube to promote fake Saturday Night Live streams. This has led to the loss of millions of dollars from unsuspecting users. The rongy_dringus Twitter account has a large following due to the fact that it generates a high amount of Ethereum network activity. This implies that it’s likely to hold hundreds of millions of ETH. The scammers’ messages have a hard time being detected, and people should take heed of this warning.

In order to receive dividends in Ethereum, you need to pay “Gas.” Usually this amount is twenty-one thousand ETH (about $0.25). This amount is small compared to the millions of people who are actually using Ethereum to buy goods and services. Moreover, the scammers don’t even bother to tell you what they’re selling. They simply ask you to pay a small amount of Gas for Ethereum transaction, which is the same as paying the fees.