There are many Ethereum scam brokers online. Some of them are regulated, and some of them are not. It’s important to avoid these shady traders and use an unregulated broker if possible. A broker complaint alert will give you a detailed review of Etherium Global and help you fight back and get your money back. However, these scam brokers do exist. To avoid them, be wary of fake websites, or even the same name.

A common scam involves impersonating support personnel. This scammers often use public channels to look for support questions. They then send private messages that claim to offer help and build trust. The main reason for this tactic is to steal your money. It’s best to learn about the blockchain and Ethereum before you invest. Also, remember that a centralized blockchain doesn’t mean it’s unregulated. If a website or a broker looks trustworthy, it’s probably safe.

Cryptocurrency trading is a risky business. Be very cautious with it, as scammers can take advantage of this. Always read reviews on a website before you make an investment. If you’re not sure of the company’s credentials, check out public forums to find reviews and complaints about it. Don’t pay cryptocurrency to someone who threatens you with blackmail. If you do, report it as a criminal extortion attempt.